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Offering South Florida's only Innovative & Affordable High Quality HD Event Videography Service with 100% Personal Privacy & Instant Results!

Special Video Services also offers very Innovative New Video Services like:
*New HD-Video Small Business Double Effective World Wide  Video Promotions & Marketing Video's!
Pictured below is Mr. Nix of South Beach Miami's DNA Sports Lab just after his CNN News Interview!  
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DNA Sports Lab of Miami Florida cutting Edge Sports Nutrition & Performance,
DNA Sports Labs Cutting Sports performance Lab is in the News as CNN News Interviews Mr. Nix earlier as Special Video Services of oprt Lauderdale captures the Details!

Direction, Motivation & Inspiration included @ a Very affordable Price Now just $199 with A News Style Intro in Fort Lauderdale Florida!
*Below is the Video I took working with Coast2Coast Cuisine at the Super Bowl In Indianapolis a few Years ago! 
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Coast to Coast Cuisine at the Super Bowl in Indianapolis!
The Great Chefs @ Coast 2 Coast Cuisine were on it @ Bella Vita's during the Super Bowl in Indianapolis with Special Video Services right there with them & "The Party Trailer" & "Off The Wall EXTREME...

Instant Results, Free House/Business call to you, World Wide exposier & Double Effective Techniques with a Fun personality you get Great results as we work together as a TEAM!

We can even arrange to Shoot ongoing projects for you as in your own Web based TV Show for updates & Specials!

*My vast Experience is a Major benefit in choosing Special Video Services, I have also been Professionally Trained in Sales & , so I have Special insight on what will work in your Special Situation!

*I was just Inducted into my School's Athletic Hall of Fame for Football last Fall, so I know how to work together as a TEAM!

*I have Produced & Starred in My Own Show!
*I helped Pioneer Video to $ell Special & !
*I Have been Featured on CBS & NBC News as well as The Indianapolis Business !
*I worked with Robbin's Media @ the Super Bowl in Tampa!
*I worked with Hit TV Star Guy Fiera of Dinners, Drive In's & Dives @ the Indianapolis 500!

*Also Now providing HD-Video for Water Adventure Video's: Snorkeling, Charter Fishing, Surfing, Swimming, Sailing, Boating & so much MORE!  

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Special Video Services Introduction @ Fort Lauderdale Beach
Feb 2014 Special Video Services Introduction of Services: Florida's ONLY Innovative & Affordable "Instant Results" HD-Video Services offering 100% personal privacy!* Video Resumes & Business Promoti...

*See all the exciting details at the Video Services page.

* Follow the Progress of My Great New Extreme Game & Show called "The Making of Off The Wall EXTREME Ping Pong"

*Amazing Extreme Fun & Develops Unseen Levels of Increased Ambidextrous Skills!
*EXTREME & Increased function too!

The South Florida & Miami Area's will be Featured as will the Peoples & Beautiful Places that are a Part of the help & Story!

*Great News for the Automotive Enthusiast!

I am once again Revolutionizing the way Special Auto's are Bought & Sold with my very own HD Video Virtual , with Auto Price Evaluations & ,  & Selling Services!

I have Decades of Professional Video experience shooting Video from to Florida & from Indianapolis to Michigan & my Fun Personality Guarantee's you will enjoy our experience together!

Please visit the web page's for or call, I will be happy
to help! 

*Last Minute Bookings are Always Welcome!

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